Useful tools

Tools that will help you along with your build and future upgrades.



ORIA Screwdriver kit w/ flexible extension (magnetized)

  • Everything you need to build a server or PC
  • Tweezers for picking up dropped screws
  • Tools for removing / replacing motherboard standoffs

Titan Tools 11061 Mini Magnetic Parts Tray

  • Store all of your screws here so you don't lose them!

Kapton Tape for WD White Easystore / My Book drive 3.3v fix

  • For 3.3v mod of WD Easystore / My Book
  • For 3.3v mod of SAS HDD


2-pack bench-testing power / reset switch with HDD/NIC LED

  • Great for tabletop builds & troubleshooting
  • If you don't have this, you should definitely buy a set.

COMeap 24 Pin ATX Red LED Power On/Off Switch

  • Useful for DAS setups
  • Use to turn on/off your PSU without motherboard